Styled Bridal Shoot


In the midst of the rainiest season DFW has ever seeen, I collaborated with some of my favorite people on a styled bridal shoot. I loved the quirky and funky look of this project and the creative freedom I had to design. I did a traditional bouquet with fun pops of color and a very non-traditional garland the bride wore around her neck. I think the look is stunning and so different!

Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun guys!

Matt McElligott Photography, Neon Sheep Calligraphy


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Annie + Brody


In February, I had the great privelege to do the flowers for my sister in law. Annie and Brody have one of those love stories that will always remind me of how good God is… not only because of how they met, dated and fell in love, but because of all God did in both of their lives before they even met.

Annie had a vision of how she wanted their wedding day to feel and I was so excited to be a part of making that vision come to life. The florals were sweet and delicate while at the same time being a little wild and boho. We used mostly white florals and a hint of light pink. Dusty miller added a great texture and we foraged for local greenery to fill everything out. Annie was of course STUNNING and I loved seeing all the elements come together that day. Take a look…

(fantastic photos by Matt McElligott)


Flowers-1 Flowers-13Flowers-3 Flowers-5 Flowers-6 Flowers-10

Temmy + Tyler

tt 6I had the pleasure of decorating the intimate reception for Temmy and Tyler’s Denton wedding. They had a charming ceremony with the Justice of the Peace and then the family shared a lovely meal at Guiseppe’s Italian restaurant.

This was a winter time wedding, so we used monochromatic whites with natural touches and a little glam with shimmery elements. Using twine, candles and some glitter spray paint, I was able to transform the standard restaurant table into something special for this sweet couple. Even though it was a small gathering, having a seating chart and table numbers elevated the event to something special and gave guests an easy way to find their seats. We used a gold leaf garland around each vase to add some sparkle as well.







Cassie + Geoff

mason-carrigan-14When Cassie, a dear friend from high school, asked me to do the flowers for her Austin wedding, I was thrilled to be a part of her special day. With the help from my wonderful mom, I put everything together in my hotel room on the day of the wedding!

Cassie’s wedding was at the gorgeous Camp Lucy in Austin on a warm December day… it is Texas after all. Cassie wanted a neutral color palette and natural touches. The lotus pods and pine cones were a fun addition and complemented Cassie’s rustic theme and the time of year.

All photos by the talented eb + jc photography. 

carrigain 2 cassie-geoff-wedding-23  cassie-geoff-wedding-27 cassie-geoff-wedding-34

mason-carrigan-11 cassie-geoff-wedding-26mason-carrigan-8

Heather + Ben


Whenever a bride chooses to wear a floral crown, you just know the wedding is going to be special. Heather and Ben had an outdoor, sunny ceremony with a rustic wildflower feel. The color pallette, mix of florals and halos on the flower girls were delicate and just so sweet. It doesn’t hurt that Heather is just plain gorgeous either!

All photos by Matt McElligott Photography.

heather 3heather 1 heather 2

SB23 SB25 SB26

For the reception, Heather had tons of personal and creative touches that I wish I had pictures of… but the flowers also show her style. She collected vintage bottles of all kinds over the course of several months and we used those for the vessles on each table. Every table was different and unique and gave the room a casual, vintage vibe.

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Brooke + Luke

Image 1

In college I lived with my 5 best friends for two years in a glorious old two story house behind a car wash. We were known as the Six Chicks around College Station and we were more like sisters than friends… and we still are. After those blissful years of living together, we graduated and started our lives in the real world. Within our group, there were marriages, international moves, new careers and babies within the first few years post college–but no matter where we ended up or what life stage we happened to be in… we were still the “chicks” and we make every effort to stay connected.


So… when the lovely Brookie moved back from Thailand and found herself a man, I was more than happy to play florist/bridesmaid for the wedding! Lets take a look at her bold and exotic wedding flowers. 


Brooke had lived in Thailand for 3 years prior to meeting the wonderful Mr. Ross, so her desire was to include some exotic florals to remind her of those special years overseas. I wired in fuschia dendrobium orchids to the bouquets and we had dark purple cala lilies to add drama to the fresh pops of green mini hydrangea and trick. It was a beautiful day!

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All images from the lovely Stephanie Southard Photography.