Stormie + Davis

Stormie was one of the easiest brides I’ve worked with. She knew what she wanted, but wasn’t picky. She told me she wanted purples and white, but was open to my suggestions. She is drop dead gorgeous, but is so kind and sweet, she’s not intimidating. From the minute we started talking, I could tell she was just so excited to be marrying her best friend.

For the bridesmaids, we did white blooms with a few muted shades of purple. The maid of honor got a few deep purple blooms to stand out from the crowd. Stormie wanted to carry an all white bouquet, so we did lots of texture. We also kept the reception pieces all fluffy and white so Stormie could add touches of purple throughout.

Congratulations, Stormie & Davis!! Hope you guys have a wonderful, fun-filled marriage!

Lyndsey: Bridal Pics

Lyndsey’s sweet demeanor, caring heart, and love for bohemian flair made me instantly love her. We both have an affinity for proteas, so I’ve been excited about designing her wedding from that first moment. Now that she’s a married lady (yay for the Hermances!) I can share these stunning images from Hannah Higgins. I seriously had trouble narrowing it down!

Kristyn + Ryan

Kristyn picked up my card from West Oak Coffee and called to schedule a consultation. I didn’t know what to expect because she was the first bride to contact me based off of the flowers I drop off at the local coffee shops… but I was so pleasantly surprised. Kristyn and Ryan were cool, easy to talk too, had a stellar vision for their day, and were getting married at the White Sparrow. Hello?! Dreamy.

Kristyn’s color palette was coral pink, mustard yellow and emerald green. So happy, bold and jewel-toned. We pretty much based all the designs off of coral charm peonies with other blooms for texture and interest…And then the florist’s nightmare occurred. All my wholesale vendors said no peonies were available. Literal words, “it will take a miracle to get those.” Whomp, whomp. Because this was the flower for the overall look, I emailed back and forth with Kristyn to find a suitable replacement, while I secretly contacted more wholesalers hoping for the miracle. And you know what?! This story has a happy ending! We got our miracle. Coral charm peonies were flown in from LA just in time!

We used vintage emerald green velvet ribbon on the bouquets and bouts and it became my favorite detail. Now I suggest velvet ribbon to every fall/winter bride–so rich and yummy. We also got to check an item off our Gathered bucket list: a floating floral wall. The airy effect of the floating flowers worked so well with the white and light feel of the White Sparrow.

These pics from Rasy Ran are gorgeous. Morgan and I loved every minute of this wedding. This one was such WIN. Way to be, Coles. {fist bump}


Carmen + Danesh

I will never forget meeting Carmen and Danesh at the Denton Bridal Show. It was my first big, “Here I am, I hope this works” moment for Gathered and I was nervous. These two sweet people walk up, start telling about their wedding plans, decide they like me, and set up a consultation on the spot. I remember thinking, “Ohmygosh! This may actually work!”

At our meeting over ice cream at Beth Marie’s, Danesh told me he wanted tons of color. All the colors. Couldn’t have enough color. Carmen had one beautiful picture of a bouquet she loved. That was it. They literally said, “we trust you!” I was honored, flattered and super excited to get to work on their special day.

We went all out on their reception space and went with a bright, bold, fall color palette. There were wreaths, covered railings, high pieces, low pieces, tiny moments, & big statements. In the end, the space was cheerful, vibrant and ready for a party.

When I dropped off the bouquets and saw Carmen in her tea-length dress and vintage blusher… I just about died. She was the cutest thing ever. With an aunt making the cake, a brother serving as DJ, and countless friends helping with set up, we became part of the family and it was a great experience.



Many congrats to Danesh and Carmen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me and I hope you have many happy years together!

Courtney : Bridal Pics

Sweet and stylish Courtney is now a married lady, so I can share her bridal pics! She wanted to keep her bouquet lush and neutral with whites, creams and blushes. While we changed it up slightly for the actual big day, I loved the quicksand roses in this bouquet. Courtney is radiant despite it being  rainy day and The Springs is a gorgeous backdrop. Thanks for sharing the pics, April!

Photography: April Pinto Photography

Venue: The Springs in Aubrey


Kathryn + Cody

We lived on the best street ever, with the best neighbors ever. No, seriously. The day we moved in, several of them came out to meet us and told us about their long-standing tradition of a Christmas progressive dinner. That kind of stuff is my jam. I grew up having block parties on our cul-de-sac, so I was all in. If it wasn’t been for my dad’s cancer, we would still be living on that street. I’m sure you’re wondering why I am saying all of this… well, sweet bride Kathryn’s parents lived across the street from us. So, now you know they are awesome people.

One day, Kathy (MOB) found out I did wedding flowers and then she came over to my house with her daughter, Kathryn, to tell me she was very recently engaged. I think I was one of the first people they told–which was hilarious.

Kathryn and Cody are funny and sweet with each other. Kathryn had a vision for pale pinks, dusty blues and something a little unexpected. One of her inspiration images had wheat in it, so we ran with that. I was dying to use pampas grass and the neutral, pastel color palette was the perfect opportunity.

Plus, the couple did a first look at the Denton square–total perfection.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Sayles!! Thanks for letting me be a part of you day! I had such a good time!