Carmen + Danesh

I will never forget meeting Carmen and Danesh at the Denton Bridal Show. It was my first big, “Here I am, I hope this works” moment for Gathered and I was nervous. These two sweet people walk up, start telling about their wedding plans, decide they like me, and set up a consultation on the spot. I remember thinking, “Ohmygosh! This may actually work!”

At our meeting over ice cream at Beth Marie’s, Danesh told me he wanted tons of color. All the colors. Couldn’t have enough color. Carmen had one beautiful picture of a bouquet she loved. That was it. They literally said, “we trust you!” I was honored, flattered and super excited to get to work on their special day.

We went all out on their reception space and went with a bright, bold, fall color palette. There were wreaths, covered railings, high pieces, low pieces, tiny moments, & big statements. In the end, the space was cheerful, vibrant and ready for a party.

When I dropped off the bouquets and saw Carmen in her tea-length dress and vintage blusher… I just about died. She was the cutest thing ever. With an aunt making the cake, a brother serving as DJ, and countless friends helping with set up, we became part of the family and it was a great experience.



Many congrats to Danesh and Carmen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me and I hope you have many happy years together!

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