Kristyn + Ryan

Kristyn picked up my card from West Oak Coffee and called to schedule a consultation. I didn’t know what to expect because she was the first bride to contact me based off of the flowers I drop off at the local coffee shops… but I was so pleasantly surprised. Kristyn and Ryan were cool, easy to talk too, had a stellar vision for their day, and were getting married at the White Sparrow. Hello?! Dreamy.

Kristyn’s color palette was coral pink, mustard yellow and emerald green. So happy, bold and jewel-toned. We pretty much based all the designs off of coral charm peonies with other blooms for texture and interest…And then the florist’s nightmare occurred. All my wholesale vendors said no peonies were available. Literal words, “it will take a miracle to get those.” Whomp, whomp. Because this was the flower for the overall look, I emailed back and forth with Kristyn to find a suitable replacement, while I secretly contacted more wholesalers hoping for the miracle. And you know what?! This story has a happy ending! We got our miracle. Coral charm peonies were flown in from LA just in time!

We used vintage emerald green velvet ribbon on the bouquets and bouts and it became my favorite detail. Now I suggest velvet ribbon to every fall/winter bride–so rich and yummy. We also got to check an item off our Gathered bucket list: a floating floral wall. The airy effect of the floating flowers worked so well with the white and light feel of the White Sparrow.

These pics from Rasy Ran are gorgeous. Morgan and I loved every minute of this wedding. This one was such WIN. Way to be, Coles. {fist bump}


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