2016: Year in Review

This has been one of the craziest years of my life for several reasons. Gathered grew this year beyond my wildest dreams. This was my first full year in business so my husband helped me set goals early on, cuz you know goals=good, and I needed to have some direction. My goal was 6 weddings this year. Y’all. SIX. Then I booked six, so I doubled my goal which felt crazy to 12. LOL. Seriously. Once 12 were booked, I freaked out, brought Morgan on board and we finished the year with 22 weddings (insert wide-eyed emoji here). I have learned a ton, met so many wonderful vendors, brides and families, played with some of the most gorgeous blooms and truly lived my dream.

Although dream-like, it hasn’t necessarily been easy. I’m still mom to two young girls and “mommy’s flower business” has required sacrifices and adjustments for everyone in my family. On top of that, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in January and we moved our family from Denton to Highland Village to be closer to my parents in May. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

My husband and I started a tradition a few years ago to replace the New Year’s resolutions we never kept. In January, we look back on the past year and jot down all the significant moments and milestones that we don’t want to forget. We can trace how God worked in our lives, laugh at mistakes we made, and marvel at how fast time really does go by.

I wanted to use this concept to look back on my year with Gathered too. I have prayed for this business to be the Lord’s– for Him to grow it as He sees fit, and help me balance mom & florist life in a way that glorifies Him. As I compiled the list below of all the wonderful couples and events we had the privilege of designing for and look back through the gorgeous images, I feel overwhelmingly grateful. Honored,  humbled, excited, surprised, proud, and exhausted are mixed in there too…but mainly, I’m grateful. Gathered gave me beauty and hope on days that were really hard personally. Gathered allowed me to use my gifts and nothing feels better that doing what makes you feel alive.

So, to all my 2016 couples, you guys are the real heroes. You trusted me with your vision for one of the most important days of your lives. You all brought me so much joy. For real. From our consultations, dreaming together, becoming social media friends, seeing you dressed up on the big day… I loved every minute of it. I’m not sure what 2017 holds for my family (because cancer really is The. Worst.), but I am so glad that Gathered will be a part of the journey.


If you’ve made it this far, props to you. The music would have started playing long ago if this was an award show, but I can’t leave out the fact that Gathered let me work with some super talented people and watch them use their gifts. Besides weddings, this year also held a partnership with the DIME store, styled shoots, and corporate parties. I want to thank the incredible  vendors who encouraged me, gave great advice, and most of all shared their incredible talent with me. Photographers, planners, stylists, hair and make up geniuses, calligraphers and more. You all gave me something to showcase on my blog… cuz lets be honest, my iPhone photos can only take me so far and flowers look better when everything around them is beautiful too. I am giddy when I receive photos back from a wedding because dropping off flowers is kind of like leaving a child behind. I desperately want to see how they did, what everything looks like when it comes together and see glimpses of the big day for my couples. So thanks, photogs and vendor friends, you make this florist/mom’s heart SO, SO happy.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from my family to yours.

Courtney + Travis

When Courtney and I sat down at West Oak Coffee to discuss her wedding details, she pulled out pictures of terrariums and I knew we were a match made in heaven. She had a specific vision of a glamorous, romantic, Anthroplogie-like dream day. Throughout wedding planning and our emails back and forth, Courtney thought of every detail and put so much care and attention into the look of the day and truly made it unique and special for she and Travis. Y’all–her gifts for guests were bottles of oil with rosemary from her own garden. Swoon.

We kept to a tight color palette so that all the different looks felt cohesive. Blush, burgundy, white and cream with bright greens set the stage for a variety of vessels and candles. Morgan and I were able to truly style the reception and I loved it. Each table was a little gem all on its own.



The following pics are from my iPhone, so please excuse the quality… there were just so many fun elements of this one that I wanted to highlight them all! 🙂

Aren’t those gold terrariums the best?! Every table was slightly unique and gave the space such an Anthropologie vibe… I loved it. Congrats to the Herrs! Hope you two are doing great!

Lyndsey + Ben

Lyndsey was the boho bride of my dreams. Her style, her choices…. so on point with my own personal aesthetic. I love working with flowers, because I can play with so many different styles and color palettes, but if I had to plan my own wedding all over again, I think I’d totally do something like this! Romantic, a little funky, tons of texture, but warm and inviting tones. Now… if I could pull off a dress like Lyndsey and her bridesmaids, then we’d be all set! 🙂 This bridal party was flawless.

We got to work with one my good friends, Hannah Higgins, on this one and I loved seeing her happy face, camera in hand. Working with friends is the best. The Grove in Aubrey was a great backdrop for this wedding and the weather that day could not have been more perfect. We set up floral on the arbor for the ceremony and I really love the statement it made and established my love for sword fern. Every time we do an installation like this, I walk away with one hero flower or foliage. This day, sword fern won, hands down. It added just the right pop of bright green fun to the mix.

Lyndsey and Ben are wonderful. Their entire family and wedding party was kind, encouraging and helpful to us during set up. You can tell they love the Lord and each other with a  genuine, selfless love. I couldn’t be happier for them!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hermance!