Sherry + Mark

Sherry was possibly my most fun and descriptive wedding consult to date. The words she used to explain what she wanted had me rolling with laughter and perfectly described her vision all at once. I loved my time with her and her best friend planning a destination wedding of sorts in Denton!

Sherry and Mark live in Austin, but love the cool, artsy vibe of Denton. Sherry had seen my flowers and work at Kristyn & Ryan’s wedding last fall and hunted me down– I was incredibly flattered and so glad she did! We had a blast dreaming up her ideal bouquet and the rest fell into place easily.

Sherry wanted a Gatsby inspired, moody-colored, textured filled bouquet. Of course, I love texture and I thought this fit so well with the overall wedding, since the reception was held at Paschalls’ Bar on the square in Denton (how cool?!) Several brides over the years have told me they want their bouquets to look like, “they ran through a field and picked them up,” so Sherry’s statement didn’t surprise me until she add, “but, like, a field behind Versailles.” I had never heard that one before, but what a dreamy, hilarious, perfect way to explain what she was thinking.

Take a look at Sherry and Mark’s gorgeous, Denton/Versailles, winter wedding!


Some silly bridesmaids pictures! I could have chosen the serious, smiling ones, but there were so many of these funny faces… I couldn’t resist.

Oh, hey, Kristyn! 🙂

Happy, happy day for Mr. and Mrs. Koorie! Thanks for letting Gathered play a part in your special day! Lots of love to you guys!!