Sydney Lopez: Modern Salon contest

I went to a small private school for junior high and high school and was good friends with the people in grades above and below me as well as my own class (there weren’t that many of us!). And I’m not sure what to accredit this to, but ALOT of us are still friends. I feel like its an unusual amount for a high school. I mean, I married a guy from high school, so maybe it was just several grades with really awesome people or something…

Anyways, I was good friends with a pair of sisters who are both still local to Denton now. We played volleyball together, went on mission trips, and had slumber parties. Now, the older sister, Sydney, is a STELLAR hair stylist in Denton. Her mom did my hair in high school and now Syd has made a name for herself as the #unicornhair queen of Denton. We’ve also worked a few weddings together, which really couldn’t be more fun!

Other people around the nation are taking notice of her and her instagram account (@sydneyannlopezhair) and she entered the Modern Salon Balayage and Boho contest. Since boho girls need flowers in their hair, I got the call to participate! Below are images of Syd’s first creation for the Top Ten entry.

She quickly moved up to Top Five and here’s what she did! I loved making the floral crown for the mini horse, even though that pony did not want to cooperate on photo shoot day!

Syd did not win the contest, but man did she give them a tough decision. Congratulations to Sydney! Also, brides, take note. She can create magic for you on wedding day! 🙂


Top Ten images : Averie Claire

Top Five images: Lauren Apel Photo

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