Megan + Brian

Megan and Brian are so in love and were so happy to finally get to their wedding day, the joy on their faces in these pictures is contagious. I love the old Hollywood glamour of Megan’s dress and how the bright blooms play off the girls pale gray/blue dresses. Megan’s love of bright blooms and happy florals paired so well with the garden backdrop of the arboretum and can we get an Amen for those anemones!

Jillian’s images of the day are so dreamy! Oh hey, drama, come here!

alpiger wedding_0224

I also LOVE a bride to takes her bouquet to the getaway car! I know its hard to remember those little items, but Megan told me after her last dance with Brian they started to walk out and she screamed, “my bouquet!” and ran to get it! Totally love her for that.

Congratulations to the Algiers! Gathered was so honored to be a part of your special day!

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